More Hazing Arrests

By Julie Montanaro
October 18, 6:35pm

There have been more hazing arrests at FAMU. This time three members of the Marching 100 are in trouble with the law.

James Wheeler, Kenneth Sparks and Dontay Douglas all turned themselves in Tuesday night to face misdemeanor hazing charges.

Court papers say the trio paddled as many as seven fellow Marching 100 members, saying it was for stealing items from a Detroit hotel during the Motor City Classic.

The FAMU police chief says surprisingly this happened just days before the hazing trial of five FAMU fraternity members.

FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross said, "Florida A&M is not an isolated campus to incidents of hazing. This is around the nation and has been pretty well rooted in a lot of the traditions of various organizations. Because of that I'm not surprised, but I am surprised because of what we have experienced in Tallahassee and Florida A&M University."

Court papers say the paddling took place on September 4 at Sparks' Magnolia Circle apartment. Chief Ross says the injuries in this case did not rise to the level of a felony, but did warrant misdemeanor charges.

Court papers say a paddle the size of a ping pong paddle is in evidence, but the arrestees say a larger paddle broke and they threw it away. The trio's first court date is November 7.