Bottle Bombs Explode at Boardwalk

By Julie Montanaro
October 18, 6:45pm

A loud explosion at a Tallahassee apartment complex led to the discovery of four bottle bombs. It happened at the Boardwalk Apartments late Tuesday night.

Tallahassee police say residents heard a loud bang, and when officers arrived on scene they found four jugs filled with chemicals. Two of the bottles had already exploded.

Boardwalk resident Maddie Sharp said, "It probably is someone that was just fooling around, like a chemistry major or something, and it was pretty stupid. I mean, it caused a lot of havoc on a Tuesday night, and I mean, it could have hurt someone."

Residents inside buildings six and seven were ordered to stay inside and all others stay away until officers dismantled the two remaining bottle bombs.

Police suspect a resident of the complex made the chemical bombs, but right now they have no suspects.