Tallahassee's Energy Future

Discussions on Tallahassee's energy future will have to wait a week. Two commissioners were absent during Wednesday afternoon's target issue meeting where they were supposed to learn more about biomass energy alternatives. The discussion has been moved to next Wednesday.

The city has already approved a biomass purchase power deal with the Georgia company, BG&E. The plant is expected to be built in Tallahassee and operational by 2010. It's sparked the city's interest in the area of biomass energy. Commissioners were also to learn more about biomass energy opportunities in the southeast.

David Byrne, Tallahassee's Energy Services Director, said, "The quantity of fuel supply is going to be the issue. There is a limited amount of available wood and other wood type products that could be brought to a biomass plant and that will at some point limit the number of facilities that can be operated."

City officials say a decision on Tallahassee's 20-year energy plan is not expected until after the November election. Options also include the controversial Taylor Energy Center.