Gene Deckerhoff: Voice of Champions Part III

Gene Deckerhoff has done play by play for the Noles for 25 years now, and for the last 15 he's done the same for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Deckerhoff is the only team announcer that we're aware of who has ever called a winning championship game at both the college level and in the pros.

As voice of the Bucs and voice of the Noles, Gene Deckerhoff is the only team announcer we're aware of to bring home hardware like this.

Gene has called nearly 600 football games in his play-by-play career, countless snaps and snafus, but there is one play that's still his favorite of all time.

Gene ranks Bobby Bowden's recent ascension to the winningest division 1-A coach of all time, right up there as one of the greatest moments of his career, and he calls former FSU quarterback Charlie Ward his all-time favorite player to watch.

Gene Deckerhoff has been the Bucs for 15 years now. The thrill of his life he says was calling last year's Super Bowl.

"The Super Bowl was like nothing I've ever done in my life. It was like the '93 Championship and the '99 Championship combined. It's the premiere sporting event. Not only did we go to the Super Bowl, we dominated the game and as a result we were coming back on the charter and it was just the greatest feeling on the planet, it really was."

Gene likes to quote legendary sports announcer red barber in saying his job is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration. Perhaps gene's scale is tilted a bit more. He also does play by play for FSU basketball, and has a wife, three grown children and six grandchildren to keep up with too.