Getting Up and Running

The Capital Area Community Action Agency says they have a program that's changing people's lives by making them financially independent.

Owning a business can be very rewarding, and not just because you get to be the boss.

"It's been very beneficial to me and my family. It's very good money. We hope to keep growing," says Chris Mathis.

"It's motivated me to do more with my life as an entrepreneur. I help others," Jermaine Jackson says.

Chris Mathis and Jermaine Jackson are self employed business owners and they thank the capital area community action agency for that.
It was an agency program that helped them get their detailing businesses off the ground by providing business training and the initial loan.

"The Micro Enterprise Program is a component of the Family Self Sufficiency Program. We stared about three years ago," says Dot Inman-Johnson.

The program is having a trickle down effect and now both Mathis and Jackson have employees. The agency says that if you give people enough to get their foot in the door, they will succeed. Mathis and Jackson are proof.

All together, the agency has help start up seven businesses, and for clarification, the micro enterprise program isn't just for detailing businesses. The program has backed a marketing company and a janitorial company, just to name a couple more. The agency says it's been so successful in Tallahassee that they are expanding the program to neighboring counties.