Meth Bust in Gadsden County

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Authorities served an arrest warrant for a Georgia man who jumped bond, and stumbled across a meth lab in the suspect's home.

Authorities say the suspect was indicted on federal charges in Grady County and disappeared when he was released on bond and headed to Gadsden County, hiding out for several months.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents are breaking down a meth lab found in a wooded area in Gadsden County, one deputies discovered late Wednesday evening.

Robert Maxwell said, "We got a call from an investigator in Georgia who had an active warrant out of the U.S. District in Georgia."

Gadsden County deputies and the Grady County Drug Task Force came to a home in Gadsden while serving a warrant on a resident and stumbled across an elaborate meth lab.

Deputies say the wheelchair-bound suspect, Michael Rutland, had all the chemicals in his home to create the illegal substance.

Neighbors who live in the quiet area are shocked to learn of the arrest.

Mark Culverson said, "Don't like it. Got my nephew across the street. My kids play here all the time. For them to stumble on something like that, that's not going to be good."

And that's why agents are taking all the necessary steps to properly discard of all the meth ingredients which can pose a danger to those living nearby.

An FDLE chemist said, "Meth labs are very dangerous. They pose a hazard to neighbors if they're close-by neighbors. There's lots of volatile chemicals, flammable chemicals and a lot of carcinogenic agents that can cause cancer."

This investigation is still ongoing. For now Ruthland is facing federal charges on manufacturing meth. More charges are pending.