Protesters Swarm Florida Capitol

Protesters swarmed the Florida Capitol Thursday, demanding answers and accountability for the death of Martin Lee Anderson.

Anderson died in January just hours after he was admitted to the Bay County Boot Camp.

Ten months later, and two weeks shy of Election Day, protestors fear the whole thing will soon be swept under the rug.

Students ascended the steps of the Florida Capitol for the second time this year, this time carrying brooms. Governor Jeb Bush, they say, is sweeping Martin Lee Anderson's death under the rug.

"Bush made a promise to the family and still nothing has been done. It's kind of ridiculous," said Protester Danielle Skeen. "So we feel like it's kind of the time for something to happen."

"The broom is symbolizing that we're tired of them sweeping it under the rug. It's finally time to bring it into the light and get something done," said FAMU Student Travis Dudley.

"I understand elections are coming up and Bush feels like; he might feel like he's leaving, he doesn’t have to deal with this. No, someone's going to deal with it," said Protester Junior Bernadin.

A protest in April brought more than 3000 people to the Governor's door.

Thursday, a smaller, but still vocal crowd of about 100 made the same demand: criminal charges for the boot camp guards who manhandled Martin Lee Anderson the day he died.

"Do you think that the outcome of this situation would be different if the complexion of that young man was different on those posters," Protester Andrew Gillum asked the crowd.

"I believe in the system, I really do," said Quashier Flood. "But this is not the system, not at all."

Protesters covered the Capitol doors with flyers, some showing a smiling boy with braids, others a suit-clad teen in a casket.

The governor was out of town. A spokesman in his office says the governor too, is frustrated and continues to check on the case each week.

As for Special Prosecutor Mark Ober, his office has not returned our calls.