Hands Across the Border

With Labor Day around the corner, police are crossing state lines to send a valuable message, "You drink and drive, you lose." Officers in Florida and Georgia are warning drivers as they join hands to keep area roads safe.

Law enforcement agencies from Florida and Georgia are joining hands to save lives, it's an annual tradition with a new twist, and they're targeting youth. Unfortunately this age group, it's the number one killer drinking and driving and accidents in general.

That's why principal Cox jumped at the chance to kick off the hands across the border promotion at Chiles High School, just in time for the Timberwolves' big game.

"The football game is Saturday. It's a big thing because kids party for the game. I think if the message gets out it will really help," says Ashley.

Labor Day weekend is among the deadliest for drivers, young and old, officers say 24 people were killed on Florida roads in 2002. This year these men and women are hoping to make a dent in that number. Violators lose their license, their money, and they lose valuable time with friends and family. That's why officers are saying, you drink and drive, you lose.

The Hands Across the Border promotion is a nationwide event with more than 17 states participating this year.