Student Arrested

Earlier this week, a bomb threat at Valdosta High led to student being arrested for bringing gun to school. The situation was not as serious of a threat, but regardless, officials took the proper steps. They evacuated the school, called in law enforcement and did a search.

The incident reinforced to the students that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Students at Valdosta High School are well aware of the zero tolerance on weapons and drugs on school grounds.

"The police officers enforce it, reinforce in our handbooks, and it's also announced in the beginning of the school year and reinforced at times such as these that something is found," says Maryann.

This week, a bomb threat note was found in a textbook and the school was immediately evacuated. Police then searched the student for weapons and found a pistol inside his pants.

"We have a mandatory law that relates to suspensions and expulsions based on weapons on school grounds. We'll be mandated to have this student for a minimum of a one year period," Dr. Craft says.

Dr. Craft, principal of Valdosta High, does not see the need to conduct regular searches on his students unless his staff has suspicions, but with a random drug sweep procedure already in place, students have no choice but to leave the drugs and weapons at home or just not have it all.

"The tolerance for criminal behavior is less tolerant than other locations in our community. The students know this," Dr. Craft adds.

The 17-year-old boy was charged for making a bomb threat, disrupting a public school and possession of a pistol while under the age of 18. He remains in the Lowndes County jail. He says it's almost an invasion on 99.9 percent of the student body since he is very confident that they are aware of the policy. Besides, with the periodic random drug sweep in place, they are also at the same time routinely looking for weapons.