Tallahassee Cultural Plan

Tallahassee city commissioners Wednesday night moved forward on a cultural plan for the Capital City.

But along the way, they drew accusations of making the plan too political.

A citizens' committee worked for months to draft a cultural plan for the city.

City commissioners made a controversial change in just minutes.

From black ties at the symphony to black beads at the Caribbean festival. All part of Tallahassee's culture, all up for a comprehensive review by citizens.

But before Tallahassee city commissioners approved the new cultural plan, they made a big change: giving city and county commissioners more power to appoint the cultural resources commission. It passed 3-2.

The concern will be now that individual cultural facilities think they have to lobby commissioners or lobby somebody to get their point of view across.

The cultural plan calls for building a performing arts center, and finding public and private funds to do it.

City commissioners also okayed $106,000 in funding for the cultural commission.

That includes replacing $30,000 of funding that was cut last year.