Seminole Family Statue Unveiled at FSU

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Friday, members of Florida’s Seminole Tribe witnessed the unveiling of a new statue at FSU.

"I think it's awesome. I think it really depicts how things were. It is a really exciting time for me," says Andrew Bowers, member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

The erecting of a new Seminole family statue, cast in bronze, is a way for the university to say thanks to the tribe for allowing the usage of the Seminole name.

FSU also unveiled new uniforms to be worn during Saturday’s football game against Boston College.

The uniforms are all black and bare the phrase "Unconquered", which is symbolic of the tribe's unconquered spirit.

"We thank all of you for letting us use that name. We're mighty proud of it," says FSU Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden.

Tribal members also thanked university officials for beginning a course on the history of the Seminoles and southeastern tribes.

"A lot of people, sometimes, don't even know there is a Seminole tribe out there. They hear 'Seminoles' and just think of the football team," says Pedro Zepeda, member of Florida’s Seminole tribe.

"It really gives the students, as well as our tribal members, a sense of place here in Tallahassee," says Tribal Member Tina Osceola.

Other Seminoles we spoke with say they were overwhelmed with the amount of attention and pride other cultures puts into their own.

They hope the new course and statue will help FSU students further appreciate the name they bare.