Turkish National Arrested in Tallahassee

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A Turkish national is behind bars in Leon County, facing charges for trying to solicit a teenage girl for sex. It's another case and another reason the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is warning parents to keep tabs on their children when they go online.

Mike Duffey, an FDLE Special Agent with the Computer Crimes Center, said, "There's no lack of individuals who want to talk to children online."

FDLE's most recent online predator arrest is 31-year-old Ozgur Yilmazel of Turkey. Agents say he called himself "Ozzie Crazy" online and undercover agents didn't have to go to him first.

Mike Phillips, FDLE's Special Agent Supervisor of the Computer Crimes Center, said,

"Without even being in a chat room he just looked up the profile of this child and sent an instant message."

Phillips says the undercover agent told "Ozzie Crazy" right away "she" was only 14. Still, the conversations continued. FDLE says Yilmazel sent the "girl" naked pictures of himself and in an instant message that followed he typed: "I truly want to make love with you" and "we may use condoms, don't worry about pregnancy. I don't wanna be father."

FDLE says Yilmazel flew into the area for work last week to work at a Bainbridge, Georgia company as an electrical engineer. Agents say within two days of being in the United States he was back online and arranged a meeting with teenager on Thursday.

Phillips said, "He came to the location, very observant to what was going on around him, worried about being caught, but still came to the location."

Whatever hesitation he may have had was warranted. Yilmazel was arrested and charged with using a computer to solicit a child for an illegal sex act and two counts of transmitting material harmful to minors. Agents say Yilmazel later wrote an apology letter to the girl's "mother" saying, "The thing I have done is completely wrong."

The arrest was a joint operation between the FBI, ICE, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Tallahassee Police Department. All of the agencies are members of the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program, under FDLE.

FDLE says Florida is third in the nation for the number of on line predator arrests, however, agents admit they can't catch them all and advise parents to be nosy about their kids’ online activities.