Tallahassee Psychiatrist Arrested

By Julie Montanaro
October 20, 6:55 p.m.

A Tallahassee psychiatrist is under arrest after deputies find him wandering down a road naked at night.

Deputies say Dr. Raphael Gomez concocted a story about a carjacking and robbery to cover up a rendezvous with another man.

Dr. Gomez was found wandering down Davis Drive the other night, in only his shoes and socks.

When deputies spotted him, they say he claimed to have been carjacked and robbed at Wal-Mart, but within hours, that story started to unravel.

"We were able to quickly determine we did not have the crime we initially thought we had and we were able to call off all the searches and everything we had begun," said LCSO Spokesman Chris Chase.

Deputies found Gomez's car at an abandoned house off Old Buck Lake Court.

After hours of reviewing surveillance tapes and issuing bolos for Gomez's stolen car, deputies say the psychiatrist admitted he had come to meet a former client for sex. Court papers say they got into an argument; Gomez walked off and got lost in the dark.

Gomez has just been suspended from his job, and the Apalachee Mental Health Center is now investigating.

"Apalachee is taking this very seriously," said attorney Dean LeBoeuf. "The doctor has been suspended; they are conducting a full investigation and trying to do everything to ensure their patients continue to receive the highest level of care. They've already hired another psychiatrist."

Lawyers for the Apalachee Mental Health Center say there are strict conduct rules barring doctors from having personal relationships with patients, but those rules do not extend to former patients.

Gomez is charged with a misdemeanor count of filing a false police report. He posted bond just hours after being arrested.

A check of his license at the Florida Department of Health shows no prior troubles.