VSU Sets Record

By Ben Wolf
Sunday October 23, 2006

The results are in and thanks to a record freshman class size, VSU is the biggest it's ever been.

College students flock to the Azalea City for different reasons.

"I wanted to do nursing and they have one of the best nursing programs," said student Emily Allgood.

"It's close enough to home where if I need to go home for something I can go, and it's far enough away I can be on my own a little bit," said student Joshua Daughtry.

Nearly 11,000 students are taking classes at VSU this semester. That's almost four percent more than last year. Many VSU students say it's more than just numbers, that they're part of history in the making

"It's something that I can tell my kids and grandkids about. That I was at VSU during this time," said student Anissa Austin.

"You look at University of Georgia 30 years ago. People didn't consider it a great university, but now-a-days people consider it a more prestigious university. I think Valdosta State is headed in that direction," said student William Flanders.
University officials report an expected $200 million in new construction scheduled at VSU within the next 10 years.

With all the buzz around campus, this year could be seen as a momentum starter for good things to come at the university. After all, it is the school's 100 year anniversary.

Valdosta State pulls in students from 46 states and 63 countries.