Water Contamination

Thousands of residents along the coast will have to weather the upcoming holiday weekend without water. A state of emergency has been issued in Taylor County, as city drinking water in the town of Steinhatchee has been declared unfit to drink.

A long line of cars rolled in to the community center in Steinhatchee. Residents are stocking up on bottled water, as the water coming out of their tap has been deemed dangerous.

The Steinhatchee Water Association has sent out boil water notices to more than 2,000 residents after high levels of bacteria were found in the city water supply. 100,000 gallons of bottled water has been provided by the state and will be available until the water is deemed safe, but that could be a while.

The "boil water" notice couldn't have come at a worse time, this town is expected to swell to nearly $8,000 people over labor day weekend as folks come to boat, scallop and swim here. Guests at this marina will find warnings and bottled water in their rooms.

Drinking and cooking with water is strongly discouraged in Steinhatchee, as that could cause nausea and diarrhea. Swimming is ok, but only for those without any cuts, scrapes or open wounds.