Cane Mill

Members of one area community got a history lesson, while being treated to the sweet taste of sugar cane syrup.

Volunteers with the Panhandle Pioneer settlement in Blountstown, Florida served up freshly squeezed sugar cane syrup from an early 1900’s cane mill. The mill and a newly built syrup house are new additions to the settlement in Calhoun County. Seeing cane syrup ground the old fashioned way, brought back memories for some people at the demonstration.

"Everybody was grinding cane back then. That's how we had syrup,” said Mabel Micucci. “That's the way we had lots of food was syrup. You made cookies and cakes, so much out of syrup. It was great. You know, it was great."

A volunteer with the settlement says early Florida settlers would pour cane syrup over less desirable feed, and give it to live stock. It was done during the winter, when feed was in short supply.