The Big Game Meets the Big Screen

They're larger than life and Seminole fans are taking notice. In fact dozens of fans flocked to the Imax Theater in Tallahassee Saturday just to catch a glimpse. That's where the Florida State Seminoles took on the Florida Gators on the big screen, a screen that stretches five stories high.

Throw in a little surround sound and it's almost like sitting in the stands say some fans.

“The players are bigger than life!” said Curt Craig, a die-hard FSU fan.

“I hear there's a bar too, so it's a cool situation to be in,” Brian Osterhout, an FSU alumni.

Beer and cocktails were on hand for adults and of course you can't leave out the popcorn and hot dogs. FSU made Seminole fans happy by defeating the Florida Gators 38 to 34.

Imax organizers say they hope to bring FSU games back next year.