Dog Gives Birth to a Litter of 20 Puppies

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Hamilton County, FL----

One local dog owner received an early Mother's Day gift this week.
But not just one, twenty of them!

Whimpering and squirming, itty bitty newborn puppies attack their mama for milk.

"Exhausting, exhausting. It's been around the clock feedings. Because she has so many, she can't do it on her own, so we're having to bottle feed just to make sure they're all rotated and everything's fine with that," said Dog Owner Deanna Stewart.

Just a few days ago, Deanna Stewart's dog Dixie surprised her with a litter of twenty. "My vet, he said that 20 is the most he has ever seen. He's never seen 20."

Turns out, Dixie's litter fell a couple pups short of breaking the world record of 24.

But regardless of number, she and her boys have been losing sleep to take care of the pack.

"When we had it, I was shocked to see twenty puppies!" said Deanna's son, Nathan Stewart.

"It's a hard job. We have to go every three hours and feed them," said Deanna's son, Braxton Stewart.

With feeding comes the playing...and while it may be hard, the Stewart family is proud of their new additions.

Of the twenty, three have since died.

But the Stewarts say they are devoted WCTV fans and plan to name the rest after our news team.

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