Less Sick Days for School-Aged Children

Attendance is not only crucial to a child's education, but it's important to the school as well because in this age of school accountability. If too many students miss too many days, it can have a negative impact on the school as well.

Last school year Jerger Elementary, like many other schools, was hit hard with the flu. That with students missing class for vacation led to the school not meeting student attendance requirements as mandated by the state, but one problem, school officials find parents running into is how to determine if their child's tummy ache is a symptom of illness or a case of school jitters.

If your little one comes to you with an ache, school officials say you should keep them home if they have a fever, are vomiting or have diarrhea, frequent cough, persistent pain, or a widespread rash, otherwise school officials say you should send them to school, and while your child is at school, if there are any germs, the school says they are working to encourage kids to frequently wash their hands because health experts say that is one of the best ways to ward off illness.

Health experts say while not every illness is preventable, making sure your child is getting plenty of rest and eating healthy can help prevent them from getting sick.