New Specialty Tags

If you're driving across the Peach State, new license plates may catch your eye. New specialty tags are now on sale across the state of Georgia.

After several months after advertising in county tax offices, the new specialty plates finally went on sale Monday. Themed license plates come with a driving cause. Drivers can buy the tags for an extra $25 while supporting the organization it represents.

This year the wildlife support license plates have a new look. It will replace the old tag featuring a bobwhite quail with a bald eagle. Sales from this tag will be used to help protect endangered species.

Twenty-four of the $25 per tag will be donated to the organization involved. Millions of these special license plates have sold in the past and officials are hopeful they will continue to do well in the future.

"We're expecting these tags to really sell well. It's a hot item, it's a real inexpensive way to support a good cause and you get to show that off all year on your license plate."

There are many organization's tags to choose from. There are tags for breast cancer awareness, Prisoners of War, and even tags to raise money for the growing wildflowers in highway medians.

It’s a one-time fee for the license tags in Georgia unlike in Florida where you have to pay the price each year.