Debating The Health Tax Educational Campaign

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The health tax debate in Leon County is heating up again as decision day winds down. This time, the rub is over the informational campaign the County is waging on the tax.
We first brought you the story Tuesday night after three County Commissioners raised concerns about the slant of mailers going out to voters, saying they seem to be leaning towards advocacy. No action was taken that night, but some commissioners say it's not fair.
District 2 Commissioner Jane Sauls said, "You don't see anything about the downside to it and I think there is a downside. We will be one of the highest sales taxed counties in the state."
Commissioners Tony Grippa and Ed Depuy also raising concerns, but At-Large Commissioner Cliff Thaell says it's not an advocacy campaign.
He said, "The efforts to undermine and attack staff who have been, every single day for months working so hard to educate and inform our citizens is to me, outrageous and shocking."
The County is spending about $150,000 in taxpayer dollars on the educational campaign, with the understanding it would not promote the tax and plan. County Administrators deny that it's an advocacy campaign.
Leon County voters will decide whether to support the tax and plan. If approved, Leon County's sales tax rate will go up to 8%. The County says it will raise more than $18 million a year to support a last resort health care option for about 9,000 uninsured residents.