Hot Gifts of the Season

One of the biggest retail companies in the world is reporting their hot items for the holiday season.

Wal-Mart incorporated says since Friday, millions of shoppers have walked through their doors, and hit their website. Wal-Mart says, things are looking good, people are shopping, and they've put out their hot items list.

The holidays are here again and that means lots of shopping. To make it easier, some shoppers have educated themselves on what it is their loved ones are looking for. Others have learned from previous shopping seasons.

"I have streamlined my Christmas shopping this year. I'm looking for more books and sporting toys that will last past Christmas day. I'm getting gift certificates for my older kids. It's easy," said Venita Treadwell.

But what are the hot items so far? According to Wal-Mart this is what people want:

The top five toys are:

  • The remote control H2 Hummer
  • My First Leappad
  • plush Care Bear
  • Lite Brite Cube
  • the blue Jeep ride on.

For electronics:

  • computers
  • 27 inch TVs
  • DVD/VCR combination player
  • 20 inch TVs and DVD players

But it's not only presents that are being purchased this holiday season, and retailers warn that some of these products have already sold out and they're waiting for more.
Another hot commodity: gift cards.

Retailers advise shoppers to hold onto the receipts to the gift cards just in the money applied to them doesn't register, which has been known to happen.