Hands-on Medical Experience on the Go

Lafayette County Paramedics are learning or being refreshed on life-saving techniques by using the simulation baby, or Simbaby.

This training comes courtesy of the Mobile Emergency Medicine Education Simulation Lab traveling through North Florida.

"It does help. In the rural communities we do have limited resources. Right here in Lafayette County we've got one ambulance that runs a 24-hour shift. When the tones go off, it's on us."

The Mobile Simulation Lab is a 45-foot motor coach with emergency rooms and ambulance settings that gives a realistic feel for first responders and health care providers.

"The whole idea is immersion training. We try to immerse them into their normal working environment, and then give them a patient that would require skills that they learned early on in their careers but may only use a few times."

Another one of those practice patients is an adult simulated body. The simulation man has which has very lifelike features. Participants can check his pulse, heart rate and lungs.

There are no other vehicles like this in the country. As of the end of this week, the Mobile Lab will have trained more than 1,600 personnel in Florida in a year and a half.