TMH Gets Parkinson's Caregivers Grant

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital has been awarded thousands of dollars to help the caregivers of Parkinson's patients. Carol Penrod's father-in-law suffers from Parkinson's disease. She and her mother in law are his primary caretakers.

But Carol can now enjoy an easier shift. A $25,000 grant has been awarded to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital's adult day services, providing free care for Parkinson's patients.

Nurses say patients suffering from the neurological disorder can spend time at the center engaging in a variety of activities to help with both physical and cognitive needs.

“Because of their disease process they become isolated, this give them the opportunity to be with people the same condition and have less feelings of awkwardness,” said TMH adult day services program manager Kimberly Johnson.

While it’s just what the doctor ordered for Parkinson's patients, specialists say its also a nice remedy for overworked caretakers.

For more information on this program, call 431-5082.