The World of Wireless Hacking

Wireless computers send signals through the air like cell phone waves and officials say this is a new challenge for those who want to see just how far they can go.

Leo Kermes is a computer science student at Florida State University and is familiar with software that detects open networks. It's called netstumbler and is free to download.

“Anything that's going across the track network you can pick and it displays the signal strength or any information it can find," said Leonardo Kermes, Florida State Security lab.

The software is designed for network configuration, but if misused, it can be used to find free Internet service on unsecured networks.

This is called wardriving, and is not illegal until it's used for criminal intent.

"Because the system is transmitting and receiving wireless signals from your laptop there's nothing that stops it from transmitting and receiving signals from a bad guy's laptop that may be sitting outside your house or office," says Bob Breedon of the Florida Computer Crime Center.

Security programs and anti-virus software will keep hackers away, but some wireless users don't take the time to do so, an important step that could protect your system, which contains personal files and software from being taken over by the cyberworld.

"We've seen cases where the bad guy uses your resources to upload software or porn and telling people out in the Internet world to go this address and download this porn or pyrocrypt software," adds Bob.

Officials say wireless Internet hacking has become more common because there are no boundaries involved. Now it is your responsibility to secure your system with programs like firewall and anti-virus software website.