Counting the Masses

History is in the making in three counties in southwest Georgia. It's the only area in the nation where brand new technology will be used by state employees to gather information for the 2010 Census.

The count is on once more; preparations for the 2010 Census are already underway and numerators will soon be knocking on your door, but this time around, Thomas, Tift and Colquitt Counties have a very special role.

“We have the right mix of rural, small towns and immigrant population, which makes these three counties representative of the entire United States! The spotlight's going to fall on us," said Eunice Mixon.

As well as being the focus of a national headcount and poll, their response to the last Census has made tri-county residents the guinea pigs of a new testing system.

Census managers say only about half the homes in the tri-county area are numbered, which could account for a poor mail-in response to the 2000 Census. To help out this year, all numerators will carry a hand-held global positioning system to find the homes.

Although numerators won't hit the streets until late January, managers at the new Census office in Thomasville have already begun testing potential employees. Census managers say it's never too early to start working to impress the entire nation.

About 160-200 temporary jobs are available at Census offices throughout the tri-county area. To apply you must be a resident of Thomas, Tift, or Colquitt County.

Call the Thomasville office at 229-228-3801 for more information.