Cream of the Crop

Local cotton growers say this year's crop is turning out to be blossoming in both quality and profits. Ag experts say the cotton fields of Lowndes County are filled with one of the best crops in recent memory.

"This cotton season has been one of the best we've had in the last 5 or 6 years. We had a real good planting season, had plenty of rain in the growing season, so we grew a good crop of cotton," said Mickey Fourakers.

Farmers say they were optimistic at the start of the cotton season, and are now pleasantly surprised on how well the crop has thrived. Local experts say the fields are not only producing a good quantity, but also top quality of cotton.

Farmers aren't the only ones hoping this year's cotton crop produces well, the south Georgia economy also feels the benefits of a good harvest.

"We've been receiving some 75 cent market, which is good quality prices for our cotton. The quality of the yield and the prices have made this an exceptionally good cotton year. It adds another crop this year that we can make a profit on," said Mickey.

And that's great news for both the farmers and the entire south Georgia economy. Local cotton experts say despite a successful year, they don't expect a huge increase in the field of cotton farmers next year.