Pro-Slots Activists Go Before Florida Supreme Court

Signatures are being gathered by a group calling itself Floridians for a Level Playing Field. That group went before the Florida Supreme Court Tuesday.

The horse and dog tracks believe the untaxed gambling is costing them money, so they are circulating petitions to allow slot machines at pari-mutuels in just two counties Miami Dade and Broward.

"The travel casino's produce a lot of revenue none of that money goes to the state you are absolutely correct. This money would, if the legislature elected to tax it," said Daniel Adkins, President of Floridians for a Level Playing Field.

The group has gathered 50,000 signatures, enough to have their amendment reviewed by the state supreme court, there opponents argued that drafters went too far when they promised all the money would go to education.

"It is to encourage those who would be other wise opposed to the extension of gambling to vote for this," said Mark Herron of No Casinos, Inc.

Afterwards supporters refused to say how much the slots might raise for schools.

"Not one of us are going to answer that question today, no matter how many different ways you ask it. The message today is about the public's right to vote on the issue," said Ron Book, a slots supporter.

Three times Florida voters have said no to across the board casino gambling in Florida, but internal polls for the pari-mutuel industries suggest that if the gambling is limited to Miami Dade and Broward counties, voters across the state might say yes.

The state's high court must decide if drafters kept their idea just to one subject, slot machines. Meanwhile, petition gathering continues in hopes of a statewide vote next November.