Post-Game Cleanup at FSU

It's hard to imagine, but home games add up to almost 200 tons of garbage. Here's more on how the community is hoping to keep trash from touching down around the stadium.

Seminole spirit saturates the stadium when FSU plays at home. However, football fans tend to turnover their trash in their own territory. Tuesday coach Bobby Bowden, FSU officials and community representatives announced the new pitch in initiative to encourage fans to clean up and increase recycling.

Each home game piles up to 33 tons of trash, at the season's end trash stats are at 198 tons. Vice president of student affairs, Mary Coburn, says sometimes all it takes is simple reminder.

The organization "Keep Tallahassee Leon County Beautiful" will donate $1,000 each game to student organizations pitching in.

FSU says it takes a 16-person crew four hours to clean up trash outside the stadium after home games.