Slow Cooked Boston Butts Going Fast

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It is for a good cause, no if ands or "butts" about it. Actually, there are more than a few butts about it.

The Covenant Hospice in Tallahassee is selling Boston Butts to raise money for Bereavement and Children's Services.

They are set up in front of Wal-Mart on Thomasville Road until 10PM Friday night and from 10AM to 4PM Saturday.

They have 650 butts slow cooked and they are already going fast.

"We are not used to having Boston Butts in Tallahassee. This is a first time for us. We're gonna’ try to make this an annual event and they're just great. It's like a pork roast and you can just eat it off the bone, you can make barbecue. I've got suggestions for three days worth of cooking Boston Butts, so come get one," said Hospice Development and Communications Manager, Rache`l Layerd.

The butts can feed a large family. Each one weighs somewhere between eight and 10 pounds.