Everybody Has a Story

One of the most popular features on the CBS Evening News, is Steve Hartman's Everybody Has a Story.

You may know it, someone throws a dart at a map, and Steve goes there, randomly picks a name out of the phone book and does a story about his or her life.

Guess what? This time the dart landed on Wakulla County.

Eric Hindle is retired now. After 20 years as head of Wakulla County's EMS system.

He got out of that 24-7 job, and into this one.

He and his wife Kay now run the Huddle House in Crawfordville.

"I never imagined I'd be in the damn restaurant business. She bought it, here we are again, seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” Hindle explains.

Eric and his wife Kay got a phone call Monday morning, Steve Hartman, CBS's famed feature reporter, was on the other end.

"I said, Who is it? Who is it? She said 'It's some funny guy from CBS,’” recalls Hindle.

"Most of the time people say 'I'm really boring, I'm not gonna have anything to talk about' ... 'course we do those stories anyway. With him, it was, "Yeah, I've got lots of things to talk about, come on down'... like he's just waiting for CBS or NBC to call him up and tell his story,” Hartman says.

Some people say Steve and videographer Les Rose have the best jobs in the world, following the "luck of the dart" to their next town and their next story.

"Were you going to ask me which is my favorite story? I don't know that I should. That's like picking your children. It's a tough one, really tough,” Rose explains.

"I did this for a long time before I bought into the concept Everybody Has a Story" ... at first it seemed like we were just getting lucky. That person had a good story ... but time and time again we kept finding wonderful stories and now it does seem to be true."

But it's not as simple as it looks. Steve had to call 44 people once before getting a 'yes' ... for the record Eric was phone call number 10.

Now it's his turn to throw the dart - and send Steve and Les on to their next town, and their next installment of Everybody Has a Story.

"OK everybody, your next effort is Portales, in New Mexico."

Steve and Les have worked together for nearly 10 years doing feature stories. The past five for the network.

This visit to Wakulla is their 115th Everybody Has a Story.

It's slated to air the first week in January.