Greenway Project

The Capital Cascade Greenway would go from Leon High School to Lake Munson.

It's meant to be a popular park, still, that Greenway is meeting opposition from some of its potential neighbors.

Just off Springhill Road, a southside stormwater pond is set to be part of a new park.

Not if Ed Morgan has anything to say about his tax dollars.

"Anybody wants to come in there now, they can walk on it, use it as a greenway if they want to. I'm not going to support putting a parking lot there next to the house,” Morgan says.

Like the St. Marks trail, the cascades trail would be for passive recreation, walking or biking, and something some people say Leon County needs more of.

"They'll be able to hike and bike, we're looking at equestrian uses, being able to canoe and kayak both Lake Munson and Munson Slough. Go out and walk a dog, look at birds, just be outdoors with nature,” says Chuck Flink of Greenways, Inc.

"One of the great things about this project is most of it's already done. When we built the stormwater improvements to filter water and clean it before it gets to Lake Munson, we created this large new lake, Lake Henrietta,” Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff comments.

And for local cyclists, more trails are welcome.

"I use my bike as a means to get around a lot, I like to see trails built not only for recreation but also for transportation,” bicyclist Kitty Kerner adds.

And even those who don't want the Greenway accept it's probably a done deal.

The Capital Cascades Greenway is a Blueprint 2000 project. The entire trail will be about six-miles long. The portion they were discussing Tuesday night will be about a mile.