Four Arrested in Thomasville Burglaries

Four suspects were arrested Friday, believed to be linked to two burglaries and numerous forgeries in the Thomasville area.

Detectives say they received a call from the Publix on Pinetree Boulevard about some suspicious checks.

While investigating the checks, there was a call about a burglary just around the corner at a nearby church.

That's when detectives realized they were looking for the same suspects in both crimes.

Detective Scott Newberry with the Thomasville Police Department says, "It's awful suspicious because one of them has a cut on his hand. At the burglary scene there [was] some blood left at the scene where they cut themselves going in. So we connected the dots and were able to make an arrest."

Arrested for two burglaries and nearly 90 forgeries are 19-year-old Joseph Kelly, 17-year-old Lawrence Crowley, and 22-year-old Joseph McMath.

Detectives say one juvenile is also facing charges; all of the charges are felonies.