Game Day Traffic Situation

There will be half as many officers directing traffic and don't plan on as many one way streets home after the game either. Game day in Tallahassee typically means a bevy of men and women in blue directing traffic around Doak Campbell Stadium. This year the number of officers will be cut nearly in half. For those on route, that's a scary thought.

The city has a work order to provide traffic control at FSU home games. In the past the city has picked up part of the tab and manned the crowded streets for $85,000. This year according to chief Walt McNeil, the city asked FSU to pick up the entire tab of nearly $190,000 or work with fewer officers.

In light of budget cuts, FSU chose fewer officers.

"We've been working diligently with all the agencies involved in football in planning how to make this transition safer, but the issue is we don't have, the university doesn't have the extra money lying around."

For football fans, perhaps the biggest change will be right here on Gaines Street. It will no longer be one way after the game. That means Abe Hodges and his family may have a long ride home Saturday night.

"It's going to be confusing, there could be a lot of congestion there. I hope there won't be any accidents, but I could see that especially at night when it's dark on that street."

The traffic situation on Gaines Street will not only impact FSU fans leaving the game, FAMU fans will be leaving Bragg Stadium at about the same time after their game with Morgan State.