Rollings Letters/Lawyer Harrison Talks

A death bed confession from Danny Rolling has been unveiled: he admitted to a triple murder in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Those killings came nine months before the slayings in Gainesville, slayings Rolling's attorney contends could have been prevented if police in Shreveport did a better job.

Monticello Attorney Baya Harrison fought for six years to keep Danny rolling out of the death chamber.

In the days leading up to the execution, he said Rolling wanted to set the record straight on that triple murder in Shreveport.

Harrison said, "He said that he had gotten right with his God, that he wanted to apologize, he wanted to express his remorse and to admit those other homicides."

Rolling's spiritual advisor announced Friday that Danny Rolling handed him a note just hours before his execution, confessing to the 1989 murders of Tom Grissom, his daughter Julie and his 8-year-old grandson Sean.

He read that letter aloud. “Hal Carter, Julie Grissom's former fiancé, is 100% innocent, totally pure of that crime. I and I alone am guilty," read Rolling's Spiritual Advisor, Pastor Mike Hudspeth.

Harrison says, just like in the Gainesville killings, police in Shreveport initially focused their attention on the wrong man, allowing Danny Rolling to slip through their fingers and head to Florida.

Harrison added, "The point is that these murders in Gainesville might have been prevented had the Shreveport Police Department been more astute in their investigation."