The 51st Florida Forest Festival

Friday's rains threatened a few events but didn't stop the fun in Perry for the annual Florida Forest Festival.

The gray skies dampened a few spirits, but the 51st Florida Forest Festival in Perry manages to still bring out the excitement in most.

"I think it's a fun time. The weather's cold and a bunch of people come out here from all over Taylor County. You get to come out here and look at all of the equipment and have fun with your friends. There's a bunch of stuff to do,” said festival participant Eli Grambling.

A bunch of stuff such as arts and crafts, heritage events, and live entertainment.

"All of the equipment and the little booths, eat kennel corn, the parades,” said 12-year-old Will Tuten.

"The mule, the fire trucks, and the axes,” added 13-year-old Tichina.

The Forest Festival was first named the Pine Tree Festival to promote forest fire prevention.

The tradition continues as Taylor Countians celebrate Florida’s forests with this year's theme, Forest for Us.

"Taylor County is the "Tree Capital of the South." We have a lot of people that come in to learn about our history and know about the history of Taylor County,” said Taylor County Resident Melvelyn Putnal.

The festival is doing without some of its more popular events such as the lumberjack show, this year, but participants say there's still nothing like the Florida Forest Festival.

For Saturday, Oct. 28, the King Tree parade starts at 10 a.m. in downtown Perry, then the famous world's largest FREE fish fry is at 12 p.m.

And of course there will be plenty of shows, competitions, and food and music throughout the day.