FAMU Homecoming Time: The Big Fang Theory

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Aside from students enjoying the festivities, Friday was a good day for area businesses.

Local barber shops and car detailers say they plan to cash in, as well as a host of vendors: selling everything from BBQ, to rattler t-shirts and hats.

"I have four locations. If I take home less than $15,000, I'm upset. So, I'm looking to take home at least 15-grand," says homecoming vendor Reggie Chennault.

Saturday, everything kicks off at 8 am, beginning with the parade and followed with the big game against Morgan State, which kicks off at 3 p.m.

Saturday's parade starts at the intersection of Macomb and Georgia Street.

It will proceed down Macomb to Tennessee. From there, it heads east on Tennessee to Duval.

The parade then travels south on Duval and ends on Madison.

Tallahassee police officer John Newland didn't have an estimate of how many thousands will line the streets Saturday. But, he did say every officer on the force will be on the street at some point this weekend.