Crisis Communication System Connects Parents

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Local schools are using a communications method to get immediate information directly to a parent's voice mail.
Leon County utilized the "Crisis Communication System" earlier this week when Sabal Palm Elementary was put on lock down during a bomb scare.
"I think the sooner parents know if there is a crisis or something happening the better off", said Christine Ballinger, Leon County parent.
"It's just immediate information that's the big difference from now and say ten years ago we got because of technology we have a way of notifying the community of very important information", said Alan Cox, Chiles Principal.
That information is recorded onto a voice mail, and a computer sends out the information directly to parents cell phones letting them know exactly what's going on in their child's school.
"We are in a very mobile society and a lot of parents are out and about during the day and their not always home or can check e-mail, and pretty much everybody has a cell phone", said Ballinger.
Parents said many times they hear about a situation from their child and that information is not always correct. This system is connecting parents directly to administration so they are getting vital information quickly.
"The telephone system I will only use in a most dire emergency", said Cox.
Emergencies such as the lock down at Sabal Palm Elementary or an event that causes students to be evacuated.
Parents are urged to check with their schools' registry to make sure they have up to date phone numbers on record.