Former Georgia Investigator Indicted

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She is a small town mom involved in a very big case, accused of setting her car on fire and killing her own mother.

Her story gained national attention from CBS’s 48 Hours.

Shelia Bryan spent 11 months in prison until she was granted a new trial and found not guilty. Now the lead arson investigator in the trial that sent her to prison could find himself behind bars.

"In time, a person's true colors come to light and I believe his has finally come full forward," said Shelia Bryan.

Unrelated to Bryan’s case, Ronnie Dobbins faces charges for forgery and false swearing. However, local citizens feel he was untruthful during Bryan’s trial as well.

"I think that it was overdue and I cannot imagine how he got by so long doing so much bad to so many people," said concerned citizen Kevin Sumner.

Dobbins was named Arson Investigator of the Year for Georgia in 1998 and praised for the work he did to convict Bryan and send her to prison.

"Death; I felt like I did not want my children to have to come and visit me in prison," said Bryan.

It’s been six years since charges against Bryan were dropped. However, even with Dobbins indicted, Bryan says she has little faith in Georgia’s justice system.

"You feel like it’s just failed you and you just pray that the system is going to some how turn around," she said.

Arraignment for Ronnie Dobbins is set for this Wednesday at the Cook County Jail.