Florida Forest Festival

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Roxanna Haynes
October 28, 2006

Thousands of people, hundreds of tents, balloons and even a few pirates are not what you would expect to see in a forest.

Peyton Bennett, a festival attendee, said, "It reminds me of all the fun times I have in the woods."

And what better a place to have fun in the woods than in the Florida Forest Festival.

Colleen Parker, a festival attendee, said, "Oh, it's very important, it brings a lot of people from all over, all over the state and everywhere."

And that means there's a diverse group of people who have one common goal of enjoying the annual event.

Richard Peck, a festival attendee, said, "Enjoying being able to get out in the pretty weather, sunshine, seeing different people."

Greg Robinson, a festival attendee, said, "I think it brings a lot of people from Florida and Georgia together. I come every year and we enjoy it."

So whether you want some handmade tools, tools plants, or just want to walk around and have fun, the 51st Annual Florida Forest Festival is the place to be. The Florida Forest Festival is also known for having the world’s largest free fish fry.