School Pick-Up Policy

An Amber Alert was issued in Tallahassee Tuesday night after an eight-year-old child was reported missing. Dakkan Howell didn't meet his father after school, and no one knew where he was for nearly four hours. Dakkan was ultimately found safe and sound, but now the Leon County school district is taking another look at its after school pick up policies.

On Tuesday after school, eight-year-old Dakkan Howell was supposed to meet his dad at school, but he didn't, and his parents spent the next four hours frantically trying to find him.

"It's your worst nightmare. We knew he'd left school and we were just working eagerly with law enforcement to locate this child," says Carol Bishop.

It turns out little Dakkan had boarded a Boys and Girls Club van and was safely playing at the Grady Road Club when deputies found him.

"He was never lost. He went exactly where he thought his dad told him to go. What we discovered today is he went a day early."

District administrators insist the Canopy Oaks staff did nothing wrong on Tuesday, but the superintendent has ordered all schools to review their pick up policies.

"We just want them to review that with all their staff to ensure the procedures are being followed. And to the best of your knowledge was the policy followed at Canopy Oaks on Tuesday? Yes it was," Iris Wilson says

Children at Canopy Oaks are going home with a letter explaining what happened, and as teachers do their best to keep tabs on hundreds of children, everyone here is relieved that a miscommunication didn't put Dakkan Howell in harm's way.

The school district will issue a safety and security report about this incident and it will include any recommended changes. For now, administrators say the best thing for parents to do is make sure your child's teacher is notified in writing if you change his or her after-school plans.