Steinhatchee Water Update

The state of emergency continues in Taylor County as hundreds of residents in Steinhatchee are without water. They're surviving off bottled water.

Residents in Steinhatchee are holding up better than many initially thought when they found out they couldn't drink, or even cook with the water, and now there's more good news with the delivery of a new UV filter system.

All of the bottled water is a necessity in Steinhatchee, after high levels of bacteria were found in the city water supply, but not everyone could rely on the bottled water. Businesses in the coastal town had to resort to water tanks to keep their doors opened. Business owners say it hasn't been too bad.

Emergency management says the people of Steinhatchee might not have to wait much longer to use their faucets again. The Water Association says they hope to have the new temporary filter in place and working by Friday.

Authorities are still asking residents to use the same safety precautions such as not cooking with the water. Also, washing is ok if you don't have any cuts, scrapes or open wounds. They believe the cause of the bacteria was heavy rains and high water levels going into the city wells.