Branch Library Plan

It's story time for mom Sharyn Kerwin and her three-year-old, Emma. Sharon wishes this storefront library branch offered more.

"I've visited the Northeast branch. It's brand new; they have a great selection, variety of choices. I would love to have something like that here," says Sharyn Kerwin, Lake Jackson resident.

Kids come to the library to get help with reading, adults come for literacy programs. But it's tough to study at the library when this is the only study room.

The county has earmarked almost two million bucks to build new branch libraries, but county commissioner Cliff Thaell says hold on. Why not use the library money to eliminate a property tax for ambulance service?

"I think if the people of Leon County knew what this issue was about, they would vote overwhelmingly to do away with the property tax and defer new, beautiful branch libraries for future years," says Cliff Thaell, Leon County Commissioner.