The North Florida Fair Opens Today

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The North Florida Fair has arrived in the Capital City complete with a Ferris wheel, funnel cakes and some new attractions.

The cool weather is here setting the atmosphere for the annual North Florida Fair. Workers are busy putting final touches on all the attractions.

Fairground managers say there are more vendors, never before seen rides and a new layout sure to please everyone. One of the new attractions is The Wild Mouse. It's billed as a family fun roller coaster.

The North Florida Fair runs from today until November 12. Fairground managers say the new rides and nice weather are the prefect recipe for good turnouts.

With the new layout, fairground managers say it's like getting two Midways for the price of one.

A new section of the Fair is Kiddie Land. It is separate from the rest of the fair to give the little ones plenty of space to roam.