Area College Students Urge Residents to Vote

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Area college students made their voices heard Thursday at the polls.

Students from TCC, FAMU and FSU marched from the Civic Center to the Leon County Courthouse. After arriving to the courthouse, each student marcher was applauded as they cast their vote.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Student Association says across five target states some 40,000 students became registered to vote this year.

"It sends a clear message that this isn't a one time thing. Students turned out in 2004 in large numbers, the largest percentage increase by 11 percent. This year in 2006, students from across the country, once again, are registering students, educating them and turning them out to the polls to vote," said Jennifer Pae, President of the U.S. Student Association.

Wednesday night, students held a "sleep out for the vote" extravaganza. There they learned more about the candidates and the issues.