Loophole in Georgia Law

By Kate Gaier
5:00 pm November 2, 2006

Alfonso Walker is raising two young girls. He says even though Georgia law says they can consent to sexual intercourse at 16, that's still too young in his book.

"I don't think they're consenting anyway. Any kid should be at least 25 years of age before they decide or even think about sex," said Walker.

Law enforcement officials say their hands are tied when a 16-year-old consents to having sex with a substantially older person.

LT Tim Watkins with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office added, "The parents have the option to have the people charged with interference of custody because you did not give this 35-year-old permission to take your son away or your daughter away from your house, but as far as the statutory rape crime there, it's off the books."

Stacy Forsyth, a concerned parent of three, said, "It doesn't make any sense that would be a law in Georgia and that needs to be addressed. That should be on the forefront at the moment regarding the safety of our children."

Amanda Godwin has two children and says if she were put into a similar situation she might take the law into her own hands.

"I feel like I brought them into this world and it's my responsibility to take care of them, so that's what I'm going to do," commented Godwin.

Law enforcement officials say until the law is changed they will continue to do everything they can to protect the children of Georgia. Florida law says a 16-year-old can legally consent to sexual intercourse only if the partner is under the age of 24.