Hospital Administrator Arrested

Ron Brafford, the senior vice president of marketing, was arrested after a car crash late Thursday night. Fragments of broken tail lights are all that's left at the scene.

Tallahassee police say just after 10 p.m. Thursday night, TMH senior vice president Ron Brafford crashed his car into this wall on the side of Miccosukee Road. The police report shows that Brafford was given several field sobriety tests. Officer Holly Lofland wrote that when he tried to walk a straight line he stepped off line five times and could not touch his fingertip to his nose in six tries.

Brafford told officers he had just come from the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital talent show at The Moon, and according to officers, flashed a badge in his wallet and mentioned several high profile people who'd been with him at the event.

Brafford was arrested for drunk driving and for possession of a bag of cocaine found in his car. Tallahassee Memorial refuses to comment on Brafford's arrest, but in a statement said the 27-year employee has been suspended without pay until the case is resolved.

Brafford is charged with driving under the influence and felony possession of cocaine. He has not returned our calls and neither have any of the members of the board we've contacted. The head of the medical staff, Dr. Frank Gredler, had no comment.