Inspection Station Makes Huge Drug Bust

A truck driver was busted for allegedly trying to smuggle $435,000 worth of pot out of Florida.

The Department of Agriculture says Juan Ventura of New Jersey was arrested after officers at the I-75 interdiction station in Hamilton County found 87 pounds of marijuana in his tractor-trailer.

Officers at Florida’s 23 inspection stations have recovered an estimated $23 million in drugs, stolen goods and contraband in the last three years.

Sergeant Wyatt Savy of the Florida Office of Agriculture Law Enforcement said, "We had a pretty good bust out here. We found approximately $4.9 million worth of marijuana that was inside a load of paper towels. You’re going to come across just about anything you can think of. We have the opportunity to climb inside of these trucks and check them."

The inspection stations were originally intended to plant and keep animal pests and diseases out of Florida.