S.A.D.D. Celebrates 25 Years

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Leon County Middle and High School students’ celebrated 25 years of saving lives Thursday.

On the 25th anniversary of Students against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.), Tallahassee Teens gathered at the steps of the Capitol.

Students who have lost friends to suicide, drunk driving or any other destructive decision shared their stories.

Many say they are taking those tragic experiences and turning them into something positive.

"It made an empty feeling in me and it makes me depressed. For S.A.D.D. to be here it prevents those kind of things for most people and they shouldn't have to go through those kind of things," said S.A.D.D. Member Kuiui Cuevas, who lost two friends to drunk driving.

There are currently eight S.A.D.D. chapters in Leon County; seven at the high school level and one chapter at a local middle school.