Game Day Gridlock

Exercise your patience.That's what thousands of FSU and FAMU football fans are doing this weekend as bumper to bumper traffic makes for a slow ride home after Saturday nights game.
The problem some say- can be blamed on the city of Tallahassee. In an effort to balance the budget, the city no longer pays half the cost for Tallahassee police officers to handle traffic during game days. Both FAMU and FSU are unable to fit the bill resulting in less officers and more traffic. "Tallahassee can't handle the traffic for one game ,now you're going to have two games at one time? That seems like a problem that could have been avoided," said Jadee Davis, who had to drive through the gridlock. Tallahassee Police Officer David Folsom said, "Budgetary issues were considered in staffing and as much staffing was provided with the money given by the city and state."
FMAU officials say this is a preview of what's to come...
They say homecoming weekend, October 25th, will be even worse as FAMU and FSU have games on the same day.